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  • 2017/09/08
    Porcelain, the white gold art form, sees renaissance thanks to local cultural protection measures, David Blair reports. In English, the word for fine porcelain is 'china'. Since the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220), around 2,000 years ago, the city of Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province has been a center of t...
  • 2015/07/24
    Jiangxi province is welcoming more global enterprises to work with its regional companies, said Hu Youtao, the provincial vice-governor, at the Chinese Pavilion during the 2015 Milan Expo.Attending a promotional expo event called Jiangxi Day, Hu led a delegation that included Director of Agriculture...
  • 2015/07/20
    MILAN, ITALY — Jiangxi province will not only welcome foreign investment, but also encourage its enterprises to invest in Italy and other parts of Europe, said Hu Youtao, vice governor of the province in Central China at the Jiangxi Day event of 2015 Milan World Expo, held on July 18.Traditionally a...
  • 2014/12/12
    I have been to 28 of Rwanda's 30 districts and, from my tourism experience in China, Rwanda will have to do more to enjoy a relatively big share of the tourism cake. One area that needs to be addressed is how information about different tourist attractions is packaged and delivered. In this day and ...
  • 2013/11/29
    Bright Food mulls listing options Shanghai-based Bright Food Group Co Ltd, China's second-largest food producer, is contemplating whether to list all of its newly acquired foreign assets as the company continues to internationalize its businesses and raise brand awareness overseas. These businesses ...
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